Weekly Classes for All Levels held at 2474 Prince Edward St. map

Argentine Tango Level 3
Mondays 7:00 – 8:30pm (before Milonga La Lunita)

A motivating class to get you ready for the milonga! For those with tango experience wanting to develop elegance, creativity, musicality and floor craft. These classes work on individual technique and partner exercises exploring advanced elements and addressing proper etiquette for the milonga.
June – Musicality
July – The Walk
August  – Beginnings and Endings
September – Rebounds and Boleos
October – TBA
$20 drop in or $60 month (prices do not apply for Guest Instructor)
All our tango students get into La Lunita for $5

Argentine Tango Fundamentals Series Level 1 + 2
Wednesdays, Sept 20 – Nov 22
Level 1 –  6:30 – 7:30pm
Level 2 –  7:30 – 8:30pm

10 week sessions that works in detail to refine the embrace, walk, connection, pivots, turns and other essential technique for leading and following.  Learning the fundamentals of Argentine Tango is like learning a language or martial art and it takes time for the dancer to integrate these elements into their body language. Since we are also developing the students ability to improvise we do not constantly repeat the same sequences.
In Level 1 will work with a fundamental concept and Level 2 will be developing that concept further. The classes are designed so that students have more options for their learning style, schedules and focus. We can help you decide what would be right for you. An absolute beginner might be best with taking only Level 1 however students who have some experience with tango may benefit from doing both Level 1 + 2 concurrently.
10 week session $125 or $200 for both Level 1+2

Next Beginner Intensive Workshop Dates ::: Sat, Sept 9th and Wed Sept 13th ::: See WORKSHOPS

Pasitos ::: TangoKids
Argentine Tango Classes for Kids Dance and musicality classes for the whole family. Argentine Tango is a unique social dance that is built around improvisation and connection. Through games we learn this cultural expression while building body awareness and empathy.
Wednesdays, 5:30 – 6:30pm
WINTER 2016 ::: Jan 18 – Mar 8
Please contact us for more information. Free!

Tango Technique Workshop
All Level Tango Technique Classes for Leaders and Followers
We all need practice to develop and maintain good technique!  Santiago and Deborah work separately with leaders and followers on technique, embellishments and exercises to develop flexibility, strength, body awareness and musicality with the goal to become more confident and sensitive dancers.
Check back for next series dates in SPRING 2017