The Language of Tango
Argentine Tango is a unique social dance that is based on subtle communication between leader and follower. It has been likened to learning a language. In the beginning it requires a level of dedication to be able to see progress. Occasional drop in classes are not recommended as it would be a waste of your time and money.

Where to Start?
A good place to start is our Beginner Intensive Workshop. The two day workshop prepares the beginner with dance fundamentals as well as providing an introduction to the rich world of tango music and culture. Small groups allow for one-on-one attention and intensive consecutive classes give the learner more momentum for incorporating new movement techniques. You can check the dates for upcoming workshops. If these dates do not work for you we also offer a weekly Fundamentals Class on Wednesdays. Another possibility would be to start with private classes.  If you have questions contact us to talk about what is the best for you.