Tango ::: El 2 x 4

Argentine Tango is a social dance. It originated in Argentina and Uruguay in the late 1800’s. It emerged in immigrant neighborhoods where a mix of cultures came together longing for the comforts of home. Tango developed into a rich language that allows for people to share a deep connection and communication which transcends borders, race and class. Full of emotion, it is a celebration and a lament of the human spirit.

Though the dance has evolved over the years and continues to evolve some basic elements remain constant. Tango is danced in an embrace. More traditional is a close embrace where couples dance chest to chest. Contemporary tango opens and closes the embrace to accommodate more possibilities of movement. Tango is an improvised dance. The leader and follower learn a code of body language and gestures which allow them to communicate and create a unique and spontaneous interpretation of the music.

Learning to dance tango you learn about yourself and how you relate to others; you gain body awareness and confidence, learn about empathy, being present and aware of your environment.